12 Reasons to Love Lisbon

There are more than a dozen reasons to love Lisbon, of course. Lately the city’s safety and good value—it’s Western Europe’s least expensive capital—have been winning a lot of hearts. But its appeal goes far deeper: narrow cobblestone streets ascending the city’s many hills, historic architecture, beautiful palaces, a culture that’s both soulful (even melancholic) and cheerful, trendy restaurants in neighborhoods like Chiado and Principe Real and a freewheeling late-night scene on the exuberant streets of Bairro Alto.

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A Love Letter to Croatia: 8 Reasons to Be Smitten with Split

Some 20 years after the end of the Yugoslav War, Croatia, one of the prettiest and wealthiest countries to emerge from the fighting, has become a prime tourism destination. And why not? The country has spectacular coastline and islands, tremendous sailing opportunities, storybook villages, historic cities, excellent seafood-driven cuisine and a baked-in hospitality.

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